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Custom Web-Design

Bad Design is Top of Mind!

Back in the early days of the internet, most people would be excited and amazed when they first glimpsed at a site with a halfway decent design. Now. Great design means they don’t notice anything except the purpose of going to the site. Bad design, however, will stick in their minds. This is what you need to keep in mind when entering the digital arena.

If you fall short, you can lose visitors or worse, tarnish your brand rep.

Designing Your Legacy.

Your Vision, Our Expertise: Collaborate with design pros to bring your dream website to life.

Digital Masterpiec.

Absolutely, your suggested phrase is a concise and compelling way to emphasize the power of custom web design. It conveys the idea that custom web design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating an immersive and engaging experience for visitors. This kind of messaging can be highly effective in attracting businesses or individuals looking to enhance their online presence.


Step. 1

Understanding your brand perception

Before we craft a new look, we need to see how consumers view your brand and fully understand everything you do before adding a fresh coat of digital paint. This is to prevent removing something from your brand identity that connects with your customers.

Step. 2

Planning a design direction

At the initial stage, it’s all about landing on an overall visual direction. A color palette. Fonts. Iconography. We want to make as many creative decisions as we can to ensure we create an overall site structure that is engaging, disruptive, yet synergistic.

Step. 3

Cultivating the look

This is where we set our design team to work. Mockups. Comps. Templates. The team will create all types of looks in a variety of forms to land on the right look. Here, internal check-ins are key in this crucial stage to establish visual guidelines that will play an important role for the site after the launch. We want a look that’s flexible enough to attract viewers, but can also evolve with your brand.

Step. 4

Crafting the communication

While the look is important, words play an important role too. A rule of thumb for keeping the dynamic impact of the site is to keep communication concise—giving visual elements space to breathe. We also make sure copy is SEO-centric with keywords that help define your brand while causing your site to show up in relevant searches.

Step. 5

Be SEO Savvy

You could have the best looking site, but if no one is around to see it what’s the point? This is where an agency’s team of specialists can help maximize your site ranking. Elements like wireframes, sitemaps, copy and design all offer a positive SEO contribution. For that reason, it helps to have multiple quality check-ins, internals and beta tests to ensure your site is optimized and in working order.

Step. 6

Load and launch:

Once everything is client approved the developers get to work on bringing the designs to life. At this stage, a cohesive agency team works better than multiple freelancers. We’re used to working together in the development stage to streamline the process, save time and keep you within budget.