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Engage with eCommerce.

Having quality products or services is only half the battle. You need a site to let people know what you offer and has an easy process for the eCommerce. As a digital agency, we specialize in putting all types of eCommerce sites together in practically every industry. For us, it starts with a solid strategy, intuitive UI and dynamic design.

We want to ensure customers will stay with you and keep coming back for more.

Elevate Your Sales Game.

Your Brand, Your Store: Craft an e-commerce website as unique as your products.

Evolving from brick and mortar to eCommerce.

You might have a store or an office that’s not going away any time soon. However, you need to realize your audience is migrating to mobile. With a few swipes, they want to access what your brand is all about and get what they want. To do this, you need a solid eCommerce design.


Step. 1

Know before you go

It honestly comes down to collecting all the data you can before even thinking about building your blueprint for success. You need to know the right direction to go in that will maximize your impact with your consumer base—understanding what motivates them and what keeps them engaged. Pretty much any of these facts will be helpful.

Step. 2

Your purchase plan of attack

All of this data is necessary for the next stage—creating a detailed sitemap. Think of it as a blueprint to see how your website will run and interact with your consumers. Just know eCommerce site maps tend to need more bells and whistles to get purchases in the cart and checked out.

Step. 3

Creative that converts consumers into buyers

With the sitemap ready, now comes the design part. Here, aside from dynamic creation and sticky branding you want a strong call to action strategically peppered throughout the site. This can be done with copy and imagery. Just keep in mind the goal is to educate and engage so customers are incentivized to purchase. When designing these looks we also take into consideration how your site will be seen on the desktop and on mobile devices.

Step. 4

Handoff for blastoff

Once the site map, visual and copy elements are done it’s time for development. For an eCommerce site, we tend to need a bit more time for check-ins since there are a lot of moving parts. The goal is not just to see how the site looks, but the functionality of your store. We want everything working in unison before launch time.

Step. 5

Checkpoint purpose

Even after the site is pretty much done it’s still got a bit more steps on the developmental journey. Testing, testing, and more testing. From internals to betas. We do everything thing to ensure you have a smooth launch and any minor hiccups that happen are easily correctable. For this stage, the project manager pretty much orchestrates a lot of the reviews for the agency as well as the client.